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Who am I?

My name is Hans -Joachim Wagner and I was born in Mai1963 in Mainz. I am a single father , since June 1996 and have a daughter Vanessa ( Born in 1995 in Mainz, Germany), two dogs and a gray parrot. My hobbies are riding motorcycle, Webradio and model the I pursue since my childhood . From 30.08.2004 - 2005, I forwarded the Friedrich -Ebert - school in Mainz- a Model working group with 18 students . I have participated in the following courses in Social Pedagogical training center in Mainz for the qualification for extracurricular professionals at all-day schools ( Basic Course and Advanced Course ) . Since 29.12.2004 I am no longer a member of the 1. Mainzer Model Club . In February 05 I started with a few former club friends IPME the syndicate Plastic Scale Model Railroad Rhein / Main. After the dissolution of distribution of Mainzer Rhine newspaper where I worked from 20.06.1998 to 31.03.2010 . I then until April 2011 made in October 2010, trained as a driving instructor in DVPI in Frankfurt , for the approval body in Mainz for professional drivers has unfortunately I could not finish because no profession. On 01/11/2011 I started with a few people the Mainz - hit radio . 2013 I made my driving license class D with the corresponding IHK examination . Since 01.12.2013 I ride the bus at the bus Mainz City.

I hope my side like a book entry you I'd be happy have fun.

On 10/01/2014 I was a guest presenter from 8:00 -10 : 00 clock at Mainz antenna with Marco Themel and double Desi

Qualification for extracurricular professionals at all-day schools.
After the death of my two dogs Roxy and Lady I have a German mastiff Taya added that I had to put to sleep on 16/01/2015 .